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The PCB industry is fully resolved by supply and demand

  In the next few years, the value of the global circuit board industry will continue to grow, and the global circuit board industry will be worth $75.6 billion by 2022.
  The competition pattern of PCB industry is fragmented, and the mainland is the largest and fastest growing. In product category, general PCB profit is thin as paper, profitability is not optimistic. Nowadays, the overseas PCB faucet is the key layout of high multi-layer, flexible circuit board and soft hard binding board, the application area is wide, the value is high, the market potential is big.
  The copper plate is the main raw material of PCB, with strong bargaining power and high concentration of industry (about 50.1 percent of the top five suppliers‘ market share), and the leading manufacturers have strong bargaining power.
  Output of the world‘s highest proportion of mainland Chinese copper clad laminates, but low value-added products, high-end products rely on imports, in the process of adjustment of industrial structure, technological breakthrough leading manufacturers take the lead to achieve the high added value products, is expected to replace, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea share development opportunities.
  The upstream copper foil enters the price increase cycle, bringing the copper plate and the PCB company‘s new pricing opportunity.
  Electrolytic copper foil is an important component of copperplate (CCL) and PCB, and the global and mainland electrolytic copper foil production capacity has not expanded in the past two years, but the capacity utilization rate has been increasing year by year.
  Electrolytic copper foil is used as lithium ion battery anode materials collection of fluid, in recent years, new energy vehicles in explosive growth, drive the lithium battery copper foil market in short supply, halt production of lithium electricity copper foil and copper foil companies diverting some standard copper foil production capacity, upstream copper foil in PCB supply tension, continue to rise in price, and has set up a link to copper clad and PCB.
  Copper foil prices, new pricing opportunities for CCL and PCB manufacturers, high-end copper clad leading enterprises and PCB suppliers will expand the profit space of, in the process of the cost for elastic enhance performance. The rise in copper foil prices in history has led to a rise in corporate gross margins of copper and PCB companies, and the share price of related companies has surged 3-5 times.
  Industry demand picks up and goes into a new cycle. The PCB downstream demand market in multiple subdivisions achieved annual growth rate of double digits, which became the new kinetic energy of PCB industry.
  The electronic trend of automobile drives the rapid development of the PCB market, and the market size of PCB is as high as 100 billion, but the certification cycle is long and the threshold is high. New energy vehicles bring in PCB demand of billions of incremental market; Rapid expansion of small spacing LED market, high demand of multi-layer PCB board; Mobile communication technology is changing with each passing day, and high-density base station construction leads to high value-added PCB demand. China‘s high-end server market is growing rapidly, and the added value of PCB is increasing.
  In recent years, PCB listed companies continue to make product structure adjustment in the downstream market, and the profitability is gradually improved, and this situation will continue.
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