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The global PCB market continues to grow

  In 2014, South Korea printed circuit board (PCB) industry was in trouble, and the global PCB industry welcomed the boom. South Korean companies affected by the won strong, sales and profit received shocks, Europe, Taiwan and Japan and other places the main PCB industry, because of the euro, t, yen weakness, sales is relatively poor.
  In 2014, the total revenue of PCB industry in the world was $59.6 billion, up 3.7 percent year on year, ETNews said. Since 2011, there has been a rapid growth, and 2014 was also a boom.
  South Korea‘s PCB production was down 9 per cent year on year, with a forecast of 9.25 trillion won (about $8.4 billion). The main downstream industrial mobile phone has not performed well in the market, and the PCB industry has also been affected. The report noted that Taiwanese and European companies have been affected by the exchange rate, and that more than half of Japan‘s production plants have been set up overseas, which is less affected by the exchange rate, but the performance is still better than that of the Korean factories.
  In 2014, the growth kinetic energy of global PCB market was the mobile phone host board (HDI), and the screen size of the smart phone was enlarged, and the mainland and other mobile phone manufacturers increased production volume and expanded the market. In 2015, many global PCB enterprises expanded the production of AnypayerHDI.
  PCB is also a major factor in the growth of the use of PCB after 2009. Nzi and ACCL2014, which have the advantage of PCB, increased 20% and 27% respectively. The automotive electronic PCB and the superior heat dissipation performance of LED metal PCB are also expected to increase market demand.
  The PCB industry in South Korea is expected to recover from its slump in 2015. South Korea plans to expand into overseas markets such as mainland China, and expand its customers into high value-added markets, such as automotive electronics and semiconductor PCB, to improve profitability.
  The outlook for major PCB companies such as KoreaCircuit and DaeduckElectronics is also promising. Orders are gradually being restored by the introduction of new products from key customers. According to the downstream market conditions, the results of the second half are expected to improve.
  South Korea‘s PCB industry, said the 2014 global PCB industry trends is not bad, but part of a certain customer high dependence of PCB industry in South Korea, still the intelligent mobile phone market performed poorly, the impact of exchange rate, etc. In 2015, it is expected that the downstream market will be in good condition and should be used as experience in 2014, diversified clients, and so on.
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