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PCB production in Taiwan and Taiwan was better than expected in the third quarter

  Taiwan PCB association, industrial technology research institute, industrial economy and the trend of research center released forecast third quarter Taiwanese on both sides of the printed circuit board output value 149.7 billion yuan, 3.81% higher than previously forecast, JiZeng also increased from 8.8% to 8.8%, from minus 2.9% to increase 2.9% from a year earlier.
  In the second half of the printed circuit board (PCB) industry, the traditional peak season comes, Taiwan PCB association (TPCA), industrial technology research institute, industrial economy and the trend of research center (IEK) in the third quarter, the fourth quarter and the year of Taiwanese businessmen on both sides of the printed circuit board (PCB) production.
  TPCA and IEK estimated that the production of printed circuit boards on both sides of the Taiwan strait increased in the second quarter of the third quarter and was the first in the last five seasons.
  IEK zhong dong Ming said, senior analyst forecasts for the fourth season will be better than the same period last year, even if the annual output value 563.8 billion yuan, on both sides of the Taiwan straits is still 1.93% lower than last year, the first decline for many years, but the overall performance is better than that of the early prediction.
  Zhong dong said, the third quarter of the traditional peak season for the PCB industry, although affected by the typhoon false and reduce the number of days to work, but generally manufacturers revenue nearly two digit growth, especially the second season is relatively weak soft printed circuit board (FPC) manufacturers, benefit apples also shipped more than originally expected, drive units related FPC supplier JiZeng rate is higher than the overall average.
  Value sequence have entered in the last quarter of this year, think zhong dong Ming watch highlights include the iPhone 7 shipment can continue on sale boom, shipment if the fourth quarter of 75 million, help to prop up demand for PCB; There is also the shopping effect of the year-end holiday, including the return of the SONY playstation VR, the big manufacturers‘ smart phones and the Samsung Note 7, and whether it will drive the growth of the non-korean PCB demand.
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