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PCB leader BBS focuses on industry development issues

  The IPC - international electronics industry ® join association announced the new PCB leader BBS will be held by the IPC hall of fame. This BBS is intended to provide a learning and communication opportunity for PCB manufacturers and their suppliers. BBS will be held on February 13 at APEX of the IPC APEX, in San Diego, California.
  BBS‘s main purpose is to help PCB companies understand how to survive and develop in the current business environment. Topics include: how small businesses use venture capital financing, breakthrough technologies, 3D printing, Chinese supply chains, flexible hybrid electronics, product reliability, and industry challenges. Speakers include: FTG video‘s Brad Bourne, Continental‘s Mike Mayer, Multek, Inc. ‘s Joan Vrtis, gan-line Associates Dan Feinberg, WKK Distribution‘s Hamed el-abd, and NextFlex‘s Hamed el-abd.
  "Our industry is at a critical juncture, and every decision that a business leader is making now will affect whether the company can remain competitive or even survive in the future." PCB leader, chairman of the BBS program Gene Weiner said, "this event we invite experts to policy makers on some key issues for the enterprise to provide important guidance, such as market trends, technology, customer needs, and state of the economy."
  Dr BBS speaker, Incubator Works of Alan Rae also said: "many electronic industry is in transition, from desktops to hand-held electronic, Shared from the local hard disk to the clouds, Moore‘s law fails, the network popularization and the development of unconventional circuit. This is a very challenging period also is full of opportunities. Now we need to calm down and take a hard look at these opportunities, while leaders PCB BBS provides a great opportunity for us!"
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